Master NLP Practitioner and Men's Life Coach for Entrepreneurs

Offering a holistic coaching approach to support all aspects of an Entrepreneurial Life.



Establishing healthy business and personal relationships.

Developing confidence in making sound decisions.

Developing clarity and vision.

Overcoming limiting beliefs and boosting self confidence.

Implementing discipline and strategies for personal and professional success.

Manifesting healthy habits and mindset

Everyone is different and has distinct circumstances. My clients are ambitious men, who want to excel and be the best they possibly can be in both professional and their personal life. They want to achieve big life goals. 

Limiting beliefs, lack of self-discipline and confidence, unclear vision and uncertainty can all hinder you from attaining the full potential of your goals. Coaching enables you to identify the core issues at play which are holding you back, and then enables you to develop sound strategies to confidently move forward.

How do I know all of this? Because I have been there, I understand the uncertainty and challenges you are facing, I also know that coaching works having experienced it first-hand.


Coaching Options:

Free 20 min discovery call to see if we are a fit

  •  Online coaching.

  •  One-to-one coaching.

  •  Bespoke coaching   sessions in the  Surrey Hills and Vineyards.


5 Star Reviews

What Clients Have Said

I’ve been in the personal development industry for the last 5 years now and so I have invested quite a lot into personal growth. But investing in coaching with Shawn has definitely been one of the best investments I’ve made. He genuinely cares about getting you the results you are after and will hold you accountable to your goals and will ensure you stay on track. Shawn is definitely the coach to work with if you are wanting serious change and are ready to put in the effort. Highly recommend!


I got hold of Shawn as I have recently retired and I have found the whole transition really challenging. I have felt I lost my identity and some self-worth. Through Shawn’s coaching he has helped me understand what I’m going through and he has helped me unlock doors that have been holding me back. He listens and is caring and holds me accountable and pushes me to accomplish my goals. I can highly recommend Shawn if you are going through something similar.


Shawn is an amazing, from the first session we managed to cover so much. He is very experienced and knows exactly what to ask and covers so many different areas in your life. I would highly recommend Shawn he is also very inspiring.


I would highly recommend Shawn as a coach. His considerate and compassionate approach allowed me to feel safe enough to open up and talk about what was really on my mind. Shawn has a skill in asking the right questions at the right time. By the end of a couple of sessions together I felt more confident in myself and he helped me generate the self-belief that not only are my goals possible, but also the fact that I can achieve them.
I had one particular goal about getting into shape (I had not exercised in a while) and after the first session I had signed up to the gym and started to go regularly. This has given me so much energy and motivation to tackle other areas of my life.
If you want a coach that genuinely cares about your life, then Shawn is a great person to go to.”


I have had the pleasure of working with Shawn for the last 6 weeks, after having gone through a big change in my life, quitting my job and embarking on a career change.

I have found Shawn to be really supportive, listened with intent and made me feel at ease in order for me to talk through the challenges I have faced over the past 6 weeks.

If you’re embarking on or are on a similar journey, wanting to move forward and take that next big leap in your life, or just need someone independent from your friends and family to bounce ideas off with, then I can’t recommend Shawn enough. Top bloke! Thanks Shawn!

Steve M

I came to Shawn at a difficult time in my career. I was a bit apprehensive about coaching but Shawn helped me really understand myself a lot better, what was holding me back and gave me the confidence to go after what I always wanted. I can’t thank Shawn enough

Y. C *****

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