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Men's Life Coaching Retreats With Shawn Nell

Transform and reset yourself with a bespoke 2-day hiking and coaching retreat in the Italian Alps

What You'll Experience

Whether you’re looking to take your health to the next level, or your business, my 2-day bespoke men's coaching retreat is designed to help you refocus on your priorities, rebalance your professional and personal life, and revitalize your whole body & mind with daily hikes, nutrition, and mindset coaching in the beautiful Italian Dolomites. 

  • 2-Day immersive 1:1 hiking & coaching retreat in the Italian Alps. (NEW LOCATIONS COMING SOON!)

  • Clarity on what may be holding you back from getting to the next level in your life & business.

  • Expert nutrition coaching tailored to your lifestyle and needs.

  • 3 x follow up coaching calls after the retreat, to ensure lasting transformation and momentum.

  • Bookings available all year round based on your availability

The 1:1 Coaching Retreat You'll Never Forget

Why Join Me?

Hey, I'm Shawn Nell,  a Certified Life Coach and Master NLP Practitioner.


As a seasoned runner with over 20 marathons and 10 ultras completed around the world, I understand the physical and mental demands of endurance training. My experience has taught me the importance of proper training, nutrition, and mental preparation in achieving success in these superhuman feats. I’ve discovered this mindset is especially important in entrepreneurs and business owners who’s business only performs as well as they do. From helping men with burnout to transforming those with imposter syndrome, it’s now my passion helping successful entrepreneurs reach their full potential through fitness and mindset coaching, so they can live their fullest life. Read more about me or book a free consultation below.

Shawn Nell client life coaching retreat hiking in Dolomites
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"Being out here in this breath-taking scenery, is honestly one of the best trips of my life. And coupling that and having this space and time to really work on these things that I want to work on for my own business — is so tremendously valuable"

5 star review

OSH L - Entrepreneur

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